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The Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Best commanders in Rise of Civilizations


The Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

The Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

One of the key components of combat in Rise of Kingdoms ((previously known as Rise of Civlizations)) is Commanders.  Commanders are powerful units that you have to unlock by using your daily chests.  They command your armies, run your defenses, and give you bonuses.

Newbies to Rise of Kingdoms may be wondering how they work, while veterans of the game want to know who the top commanders are.  There’s no clear cut answer to this, but let’s take a look at some of the best commanders that will up your game.

How Commanders Work in Rise of Kingdoms

Commanders are an intricate part of Rise of Kingdoms. It can take hours of gameplay to really understand how they work, but there are a few basics that you need to know before diving in.

Starting Commanders

Each of the 8 civilization gets a starting commander. Commanders are usually legendary leaders from that civilization’s history, like Julius Caesar or Cleopatra.  But the starting commander will be more obscure, like Hermann of Germany.

Commander Traits

Each commander will have a skill tree and special traits to boost your gameplay.  Depending on their class, they may boost your combat skills, or they can increase your resources.  By leveling up your commanders, you can expand their skill tree to give you even more bonuses.


Once you’ve got your first commander, you can only unlock more through opening silver or golden chests from the Tavern.  Each commander has a rarity level ranging from Advanced to Legendary. The higher the rarity, the less likely you are to get the commander, but the more powerful the skills.  You may get 20 Markswomen before you get one Legendary commander.

The Best Commanders for Beginners

Once you understand what makes a commander good, you can decide which commander you want to lead your civilization to greatness.  There are currently 28 commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, with most of them being either Legendary or Epic. Depending on your play style, you may want to choose from a few different options to get the best bonuses and skills.

Each civilization comes with advantages and drawbacks.  However, if you’re new to the game, you’ll want to pick a civilization with a powerful commander to make sure you have an easy time learning the ropes.

Scipio Africanus

scipio africanus commander rise of civillizations

Your starting commander will have a huge impact on how you play the game.  Because combat is such a huge component, the obvious winner is Scipio Africanus of Rome.  Scipio boosts your march speed by 5%, your food gathering by 10%, and your infantry defense by 5%.  In the early game, these boosts are vital for getting a foothold. You can use the extra food increase to build up your army, while the defense and march speed boosts your knack for conquest.

Sun Tzu

If you’re less about military conquest and more about resource collection, the Sun Tzu of China is the way to go.  This is a popular choice with the Rise of Civilizations community, and for good reason. In addition to a 2% increase in troop defense and building speed, you also get a 10% boost to resource collection across the board.  You may have a harder time early game, but after a few hours, you’ll be glad you have the extra stone, wood, and food for upgrading your civilization.

The Best Commanders for Gathering Resources

Now that you’re past the tutorial of the game, you’re ready to amass as many resources as you can.  Mid game and late game players will find unit and building upgrades difficult without huge storage of resources.  These commanders will help boost that payload.


Sarka is an all-around great choice for gathering speed.  She’ll give you boosts to your resource collection without having to upgrade her too much.  Despite her lowly Elite rarity, Sarka is a powerful tool for your economy. Besides, the fact that she’s more common is good for players hoping to boost their resource gathering earlier in the game


The Queen of Sicily is another gathering-oriented commander.  She offers a couple of skills that upgrade boost your combat, but her best bonuses come from her resource collection boosts.  She can boost wood gathering by up to 20%, and other resource gatherings by 15%. Her final skill gives her an additional 10% from all resources.  Like Sarka, she’s only Elite, making her a great option for players in the early game.

Cleopatra VII

Players hoping for a strong economy should keep their fingers crossed for Cleopatra.  In addition to some powerful military upgrades, she also has some massive upgrades to your resource collection rate.  Her bonuses work more with stone, which is the slowest resource to collect. There’s a reason she’s one of the Legendary commanders.

The Best Commanders for Attack

Combat is the bread and butter of any strategy game.  These commanders up your ability to lay waste to enemy castles and barbarians.


While he lacks barbarian slaying-skills, Lancelot is a powerful tool for your army.  His early skills give you marching speed. This makes him geared towards veteran players who really understand the online play.  This makes sense, since he’s a legendary commander, making him tough to get early on.

Cao Cao

Cao Cao will boost your army against barbarians and other players early on.  If you get this commander, you’ll be set for boosting your combat abilities. His first skill reduces enemy attack by up to 20%, while his second skill increases damage against barbarians by up to 50%.  These skills are extremely powerful, which is why he’s a legendary leader.

Julius Caesar

Caesar’s boosts focus on defending and expanding your army.  His final skill is focused on dealing damage, but the rest all increase troop defense, speed, and army size.  Julius Caesar is an excellent commander for leading sieges, but his legendary status also makes him hard to get until late in the game.

The Best Commanders for Defense

best commanders for defense rise of civillization

While your armies are out pillaging enemy civilizations, your own castle is up for grabs.  Make sure to leave a reliable commander in charge of your walls to fend off enemy attacks.

Kusunoki Masashige

Kusunoki is an Epic commander, making him perfect in the early and mid game.  He works as both a support attacker and as a defender. He has a good mix of boosts that increase attack and reduce damage, so use him either on the battlefield or in the city walls.  

Sun Tzu

In addition to being a great starting commander, Sun Tzu is a great defending commander.  His starting bonuses increase troop defense, and his later skills provide buffs to your infantry.  You’ll be able to ward off attacks while increasing your resource collection. Plus, you can get him right at the start of the game.

Richard I

Everything about Richard I screams “garrison.”  All of his skills help to heal your troops, increase your defense, and reduce enemy attack.  While this wouldn’t help much on the battlefield, it can be a game changer for defending your walls.  He’s a Legendary commander, so you’ll have to suffer through a few sieges before you unlock him.

Wrapping Up

There is no definitive answer to this.  Rise of Civilization offers a pretty flexible range of options for players to work with.  Different players have different styles, so they want different commanders. However, each play style has a pretty clear winner, so keep your eyes peeled for these commanders.

For resource gathering, Cleopatra is the way to go.  Her bonuses to all the resources are hard to pass up.  Especially considering that she gets you even more stone, which is tough to get without any help.

To beef up your attack power, go with Julius Caesar.  He keeps your troops safe on the battlefield while increasing the number of soldiers in your army.  He makes sieges against barbarians and players much easier.

To defend your castle, Richard I is the best, hands down.  He massively reduces your enemies’ attack power, keeping your defenses safe during an attack.  Just make sure to assign him to your walls instead of taking him to the battlefield.

Of course, you can mix and match these commanders to suite any playstyle.  If you’re lucky, you’ll have all of them, letting you dominate with your growing civilization.

Who’s your top commander in Rise of Civilizations? Let us know in the comments below.

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