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Top 12 Search Engines

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Top 12 Search Engines

Top 12 Search Engines

Want to know which are the world’s most popular search engines? Apart from Google and Bing, there are other alternatives you’ll find in our top search engine list. These aren’t very well known and yet serve millions of search queries every day.

It may come as a shocker to many users, but Google isn’t the only search engine available on the web today! As a matter of fact, there are a bunch of search engines trying everything in their power to take Google’s place. However, none of them is quite ready (yet) to even pose that kind of a threat.

Nonetheless, below is a search engine list that you can consider checking out in 2019. It consists of twelve best search engines in the world that may change your perspective.

Starting with the number one search engine in the world—

#1: Google

No further introductions needed. Google holds the first place in this search engine list with an astounding difference of 65% from second in place, Baidu.

According to a recent report (May 2019), 75.49% of all internet searches were powered by Google, and only 10.47% by Baidu, and 7.91% by Bing.

Google is also dominating the mobile search engine market share worldwide with 95.45% (April 2019), thanks to Chrome being one of the fastest mobile and desktop internet browsers today.

Make sure to check out the Google Images, Maps, and News features if you haven’t already. These are some outstanding services for locating images, geographic directions, and news headlines.

#2: Bing

Despite trailing Google by a huge margin in the US market share, an argument can be made about Bing performing better in certain areas.

For starters, Bing offers a rewards program that lets you collect points while searching. You can redeem these points at the Windows and Microsoft stores, which is a nice perk!

Furthermore, the Bing Image search works seamlessly across all browsers compared to Google’s Image search, which seems to be optimized only for Chrome.

According to many experts, Bing image search GUI is better than its rivals’ and is much more intuitive. It carries that same user experience to video, which makes it convenient for those who don’t want to rely on YouTube videos alone.

#3: DuckDuckGo

If you’re looking for the best privacy, DuckDuckGo is where you should be!

DuckDuckGo does not collect or store your personal information, meaning you are able to run your searches in peace without worrying about the boogeyman creeping over you through your screen.

It’s the perfect choice for users who wish to keep their web surfing habits and personal data private.


Are you looking for a search engine that gives a Wikipedia-like experience? is the kind of search engine that pulls its results from tons of wikis on the internet. It’s a good choice for those who appreciate community-led information as found on websites like Wikipedia.

#5: CC Search

Creative Commons (CC) Search should be your first choice if you’re on the hunt for different types of content that are copyright-free.

CC Search is perfect if you’re a music or video content creator. Or, perhaps you’re someone who’s looking for royalty-free images for a blog post. No matter the reasons, this is by far the best solution for you. Let’s be honest; who wants to worry about some angry artist coming after them for ripping off their work?

The way CC Search works is pretty straightforward—it draws in search results from platforms like Wikimedia, Flickr, and Soundcloud, and then displays results labeled as CC or Creative Commons material.

#6: Twitter

Twitter made it to our search engine list because it is perfect in terms of finding real-time information. It’s the place to go for when instant updates are required in the case of an emergency.

Google’s algorithm will eventually catch up to Twitter. But, as of now, nothing beats a Tweet. It’s the most popular way to spread the news and start a new trend in 2019.

#7: Internet Archive

The Wayback Machine is perfect for researching old sites, but it’s capable of so much more.

As the name suggests, this nifty search engine queries an enormous collection of documented material—this includes millions of free books, music, videos, and software.

In short, the Internet Archive is a large internet library where you can access pretty much whatever you want.

#8: Gibiru

If you are, by any chance, wearing a MAGA hat while reading this search engine list, then Gibiru is what you should consider.

According to their site, “Gibiru is the preferred Search Engine for Patriots.”

Gibiru claims its search results to be sourced from a modified Google algorithm so that you can find the information you seek without having to worry about Google’s “tracking” activities. And since the search engine doesn’t install any tracking cookies on your device, it appears to be faster than “NSA Search Engines.”

#9: Yandex

Do you seek a search perspective outside of the US?

Yandex is used by more than 53% of Russian Internet users, making it the most popular search engine in Russia. It’s also very popular in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Turkey.

Yandex is a user-friendly search engine. Additionally, it offers a set of pretty useful tools. For instance, if you use the Yandex Disk—a cloud storage service, you can look for your personal files right from the Yandex search bar.

#10: Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is a well-known private search engine. It uses local encryption to make sure your searches remain secret and completely private.

The search engine utilizes a combination of encryption methods, including AES-256 encryption and Secure Sockets Layer encryption. When you type in a query, Search Encrypt will display the results from its network of numerous search partners and deliver the requested information.

The best part of this search engine is that all your search items expire after a certain period so that the information given remains private even if someone else has local access to your computer.

#11: Boardreader

If you’re trying to find a forum or message board about a certain topic, you can’t go wrong with Boardreader.

This special search engine queries the results from a huge variety of forums and message boards online. The reason why we added Boardreader in our search engine list is that it allows you to find the forum you need in just a few clicks. So, give this one a try!

#12: StartPage

StartPage was developed specifically to include search results from Google, making it a decent choice for those who prefer Google’s search results without worrying about their personal information being stored or tracked.

StartPage also has a proxy service, HTTPS support, and a URL generator which is very useful as it doesn’t require to collect cookies. Instead, it saves your settings in a way that protects privacy.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the 12 best search engines of 2019. Of course, the search engine list doesn’t end here. You can find a bunch of similar alternatives out there.

While Google may be the most popular search engine in the world, you still have other options when it comes to search engines. Many of these Google alternatives provide better user experience and privacy.

Whether you’re looking for a clean browsing experience or strict privacy policy, there are plenty of search engines you can experiment with.

Did you like our search engine list?

Let us know in the comments below which of the above-listed search engines are you using right now!

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