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Top 5 Features of OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T


Top 5 Features of OnePlus 6T

Top 5 Features of OnePlus 6T

While many smartphone OEMs release dozens of smartphones every year, Shenzhen-based OnePlus has made a name for itself in five years announcing just two smartphones a year. The latest one from the rapidly-growing smartphone brand is the OnePlus 6T that is the most expensive (aside from the McLaren Edition) handset the company has ever made. As always, OnePlus packs the handset with the best core components and the OnePlus 6T has received accolades the world over for being a very capable premium flagship of 2018. Here we look at the best features of the OnePlus 6T – those that make the handset such an alluring device to use.

There are a couple of unique new features that have never been on any other OnePlus smartphones, but we want to start with upgrades that matter the most and make an impact on the user experience in a meaningful manner. However, we will include unique features by the end of this list as well.

5 Best Features of OnePlus 6T

1. Larger Battery

Battery life is one of the key pillars that makes a smartphone successful. After all, what good is a dead smartphone? The OnePlus 6 came with a 3300mAh battery and its successor outshines it by a big margin in that department. OnePlus has endowed the handset with a bumped up 3,700mAh battery. Smartphones with 3000mAh batteries rarely last a day and the new bump of 700mAh will go a long way to ensure that OnePlus users are not left stranded in the middle of the day with a dead smartphone. Also, the Dash Charge feature is icing on top of the cake.

2. Oxygen OS with Android Pie

OnePlus 6T OxygenOS

OnePlus 6T was one of the very few handsets that could boast of Android Pie when many smartphone OEMs weren’t able to deliver Google’s latest OS even to their flagships. Android Pie itself has some great features to give OnePlus 6T a big advantage over other flagships for the time being but the new Oxygen OS that comes with it also has very handy features. There are dozens of features that can be included here, but for simplicity’s sake, we’re simply going to create a list of some that we find the most useful.

  • Swipe down for notifications: Even though it seems insignificant, this is a very important feature. OnePlus 6T users can simply swipe down anywhere on the home screen to bring down the notification shade.
  • Gestures: This allows for a real full-screen experience ridding the OnePlus 6T of the navigation button. Check Settings > Buttons & gestures on the OnePlus 6T for more details.
  • Ambient Display: This isn’t exactly new but it is a life saver. The OnePlus 6T lock screen can be programmed to display notification info in black and white with a variety of behaviours. It’s the closest thing to Moto’s excellent Active Display.
  • Nightscape: A recent update has endowed the OnePlus 5T with a feature similar to the Nightsight that works wonders on the Pixel 3 low-light photos. It’s not as effective as Google’s implementation, but it does improve low-light photos.

There are a lot of features that can leave a new user in awe of the Oxygen OS experience but these are just some of them we liked the most. Your mileage may vary.

3. Performance

OnePlust 6T Gaming Performance

OnePlus has always followed a ‘Never Settle’ strategy when it comes to smartphone hardware. Their flagship killer products have always boasted the latest and greatest processors. This along with the company’s software optimization means the OnePlus 6T has the best in class performance. Many have lauded the company’s recent work with Oxygen OS that has greatly improved with the recent two iterations and is one of the popular Android skins out there. Whether it is animations, heavy graphics, or long multimedia sessions, you name it, the OnePlus 6t absolutely smashes through all without any hiccups.

4. Waterdrop Notch Design

OnePlus 6T Notch Design

This new design trait is the only visible difference between the OnePlus 6T and the OnePlus 6 besides some other minor differences. But it makes the OnePlus 6T a lot more elegant and beautiful simply because of the small and minimalistic notch. The previous one wasn’t very big either, but I’d prefer the waterdrop notch over that one any day of the year. It gives users a really non-intrusive full-screen experience that is much more acceptable than the rectangular notch. Until companies figure out a successful way to bid adios to the notch, I’m happy with the waterdrop. Also, you still have the option to hide it if you still don’t want to see it.

5. In Display Fingerprint Reader

OnePlus 6T Fingerprint Reader

Last, but not least, the company’s first-ever fingerprint reader under the screen. This was one of the most marketed features of the device, but in reality, is the most insignificant upgrade in our opinion. OnePlus uses the latest, and arguably a faster sensor on the market, which also works admirably most of the time. However, in-screen fingerprint readers have a long way to go and even the OnePlus 6T sensor has its shortcomings. Besides, the blazing fast face unlock of the handset trumps the fingerprint reader and renders it useless in most situations. It sort of negates the very existence of the novel new sensor.

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