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How to Install macOS on Windows with VMWare



How to Install macOS on Windows with VMWare

How to Install macOS on Windows with VMWare

If you’re into the tech world, you may be in on virtual machines. For those who don’t know, virtual machines are a powerful way to simulate a machine on your own desktop. This technology allows a Windows 10 machine to run Linux, Windows XP, or even a version macOS. There’s plenty of reasons to do this, but it can be tricky how you actually do it.

VMWare is one of the biggest names in the virtual machine market. They primarily work with enterprise corporations, offering massive suites of expensive programs to help businesses with virtual machines. But they even offer free versions for the average user. So let’s go over how to install macOS Mojave on Windows with VMWare.

How to install and use VMWare

This process has quite a few steps, and involves lots of separate downloads, but it’s absolutely worth it. If you can get your Windows machine to run the latest Apple operating system, imagine the possibilities. Plus, you can install other operating systems as you go, allowing you to maximize what your hardware can actually do.

Step 1: Download a program named VMWare Workstation from VMWare. VMWare has a few different software options, so find out which one is right for you. VMWare Workstation is an affordable option which lets you run a single virtual machine for non-commercial use, making it a great, accessible way to get started. Download the Windows version of the software, not the Linux one.

Step 2: Set up your software. This is a pretty easy step, since it’s mostly automatic. Run the installer once the download is finished, and set your preferences. The program won’t run automatically when it’s complete, so open it up manually once it’s ready.

Step 3: Extract your virtual machine disk. You’ll have to download a .zip folder with all of the files necessary to run macOS. Make sure you’re downloading from a safe and reputable website, and extract the files once you’ve downloaded. Create a folder that’s easy to find, and extract all of the files there.

Step 4: Create your virtual machine. Click on the “Create new virtual machine” option in your Player. This will take you to a menu, and you’ll want to create a blank disk. Set the directory location to the folder where you extracted the zip file. This will be where your Player looks to find the virtual machine.

Step 5: Finalize your preferences. You may want to look at some of the settings, like how much of the CPU you can use, or maximum disk usage. You can do this from the “Edit Machine” option in the menu. This will make your program run smoothly according to your preferences. Once you’ve finished this step, you’re ready to run your virtual machine and have the full Apple experience on your PC.

Why Install macOS?

Apple’s line of desktop operating systems does things completely differently from Windows, and running both systems on your machine is a great way to boost productivity and recreation. Maybe you have a video game that’s for Mac, or you have to use Mac software for work, but prefer the Windows experience. Virtual machine is a fantastic way to bridge the gap between Microsoft and Apple.

Using macOS on Your Windows Computer

Computers are a powerful tool in our lives, and it’s a good idea to maximize productivity even more. By using virtual machines, you get a fully enhanced experience, using the best of both operating systems. Once you’re set up with your machine, take full advantage of what you can do with technology.

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