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How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9


How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Taking screenshots on our devices has become a daily routine and we do this for numerous reasons. Screenshots come in handy when you want to share some information with others, annotate a particular web page, save a coupon code, and much more.

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably wondering how you can take a screenshot using your Galaxy Note 9. Fortunately, the process is quite simple and once you get the hang of it, it should be easy for you to take screenshots on your device whenever you want. There are various methods for taking a screenshot on Galaxy Note 9, here we outline five of those methods.

5 Methods to Capture a Screenshot on Galaxy Note 9

1. Key Combination

This is the most popular and easiest method for taking a screenshot on your device, and many Android devices have the same key combination. Here’s how it works:

  • Press the Volume down and Power buttons together at the same time. Your screen will flash to indicate that the screenshot was captured successfully.
  • To view the screenshot, simply go to your photos gallery and you should find it there, either in the Screenshots folder or in the photos album. From there, you can edit the screenshot and share it with other apps.

2. Palm Swipe Gesture

palm swipe screenshot galaxy s9 plus

The second method involves swiping your hand across the screen to capture a screenshot. While not as popular and convenient as the previous method, it’s an interesting way of capturing screenshots and much quicker once you learn it.

To use this method, simply place the side of your palm on the right or the left edge of your phone’s screen, then swipe it across the screen. You have to swipe from left to right or vice versa and a screenshot will be captured right away.

If this method isn’t working, then you probably need to enable it first. To do so, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Palm swipe to capture and activate this feature. Now retry the above steps and it should work.

3. Using Bixby

Bixby on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Bixby is a smart AI assistant that can do a lot of things for you. As you’d guess, it is capable of capturing screenshots as well. Press the Bixby button on your Galaxy Note 9, then say the following phrase: “Take a screenshot”. Bixby will automatically capture your screenshot like a boss and save it to your phone’s gallery.

If you tend to use Bixby a lot, then this method is one of the best and quickest ways of capturing a screenshot on Galaxy Note 9.

4. Scroll Capture

This is a quite a useful screenshot method in Note 9 which allows you to capture the entire page from top to bottom inside a current app, a classic example is when you want to screenshot the entire webpage without leaving out any information.

Here’s how to do a Scroll Capture:

  • First, capture a screenshot using either the Palm Swipe gesture or by pressing the Volume down and Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Once done, a number of options will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. Tap on Scroll capture, then keep pressing it to continue scrolling down and capturing screenshots. Once you reach the end of the page, your Galaxy Note 9 will automatically merge all the screenshots together to form a single screenshot image.

5. Using S Pen

Air Command and Galaxy Note S Pen

The S Pen in Galaxy Note 9 can do a lot of things and is much more powerful than its predecessors. Fortunately, it is capable of capturing screenshots as well.

  • Open the app or the content where you want to capture a screenshot.
  • Using your S Pen, launch Air Command and choose Screen write.
  • Your device will capture a screenshot and take you to the editing page where you can draw on the screenshot, crop the image, share it on other apps, or save it to your photos gallery.

These are the five different methods of capturing a screenshot on your Galaxy Note 9. As opposed to iOS, Note 9 and many other Android devices offer multiple methods of capturing screenshots so users have the flexibility of choosing the one that they find convenient.

What’s your favorite screenshot method in Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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