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How to Play PS4 Games on Any Android Device

How to play PS4 games on Android


How to Play PS4 Games on Any Android Device

How to Play PS4 Games on Any Android Device

PS4 is one of the best console devices in the market for gaming. It has a lot of top-notch games available ranging from Battlefield to PUBG. Sony now allows users to stream their PS4 output to the PS Vita or Sony Xperia phones. But how would you remotely play PS4 games on other Android devices? Luckily, there’s a workaround to it.

In this article, we’re going to show you an easy step-by-step guide to explain how to play PS4 games on your Android smartphone. Let’s get started!

What is Remote Play?

Remote Play allows you to stream and play your favorite PS4 games directly from your PlayStation to a Windows PC/Laptop, Mac, or Android device. When you’re using Remote Play, your device will mirror the screen from PS4. To make it work, you need to press the PS button, and it will display your home screen. Now, let’s follow the steps!

How to Enable Remote Play on PS4

As we already mentioned in the article, PlayStation now allows remote play for both PS4 and PS4 Pro systems. Therefore, you can easily configure your PS4 settings to enable the Remote Play.

Step 1: On your PS4, head over to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings.

Step 2: Tick the first box that says “Enable Remote Play”.

Once checked, the Remote Play feature gets enabled on PS4. Now the next step is to connect your Android smartphone to PS4.

How to Download and Use PS4 Remote Play on Android

After you’re done setting things up on PS4, you’d want to configure and change the settings on your Android smartphone as well. But first, you’ll need to download the Remote Play app. The app only works on Android version 4.2 and above.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your device.

Step 2: Head over to Security > Unknown sources, and then turn on Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Visit this link from your device, then download the Remote Play APK file. Once the file has been downloaded, tap on it to install.

  • We recommend downloading it directly from your smartphone rather than doing it on a computer then transferring the file to your other device.
  • Remote Play originally supports Sony Xperia devices only, so this APK file is a tweaked version of the original app which allows you to install the app on any device running Android 4.2 or higher.

Step 4: Open the Remote Play app, then tap Next.

Step 5: Sign into your PlayStation account. Once you log in, the app will automatically connect you to your PS4 and start streaming its screen.

You are now ready to play PS4 games on your Android device. If you happen to have a DualShock controller and would like to use it to manage the PS4 screen on your Android smartphone, continue reading as we’re about to explain how to do it.

How to Connect the PS4 Controller to Your Android Smartphone

Once you’ve successfully connected your smartphone with your PS4, you’ll be able to play the PS4 games on your phone. However, it’s no fun playing those AAA games on a small screen. Wouldn’t it be more fun if you could play your PS4 games using your controller? Here’s how:

  • We’ll show you two ways to connect: One is to connect it via Bluetooth, and the other is to connect via USB cable. You can, of course, choose whichever way seems best to you.

1. The Bluetooth Method:

Step 1: Press and hold the Share and the PS buttons simultaneously until the controller starts flashing. This will make your PS controller turn on the paired mode.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth on your Android device (from Settings > Bluetooth).

Step 3: On the Bluetooth page, search for the Wireless Controller, then tap on it to connect.

Note: If you can’t find the PS4 controller in the available device section, reload the page to look for the nearby devices, and choose your controller to connect whenever it shows up.

2. The USB Method

You can try connecting with an OTG cable without having to root your smartphone. To do so, first, you’ll have to get a working USB OTG cable. If you don’t have one, you can buy it online at a low price. Once you have it, it’s time to set things up. Follow along with us.

  • Connect your controller and your smartphone with the OTG cable
  • Now, open the Remote Play app on your smartphone, and you’ll get a popup message
  • Click on Register on your smartphone, and then press the PS button on your PS4 controller
  • Next, tap to allow the USB permission if you get the popup message asking you to accept USB permissions
  • Once accepted, you can play your PS4 games remotely on the controller

So, these are some of the nifty methods to play your favorite PS4 games on your Android smartphones remotely. While it might seem like a lot of work, it will definitely be worth it once you get it working.

We’d love to hear about your thoughts and experience playing PS4 games on your Android device, so drop your comment below and let us know how it’s going.

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