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How to Get Free Gems in Rise of Kingdoms

get free gems in rise of civilizations


How to Get Free Gems in Rise of Kingdoms

How to Get Free Gems in Rise of Kingdoms

Like any strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms (previously known as Rise of Civlizations) gives you a few different resources to work with.  While it’s pretty easy to get food, wood, stone, and gold in-game, gems are another story.  These highly useful resources are the game’s way to convert real money to in-game currency.  While many players are fine with paying a couple of dollars to get some gems, others would rather unlock them in the game.  Fortunately, Rise of Kingdoms offers a few free ways to get gems without having you reach for your wallet.

Why are Gems Important in Rise of Kingdoms

get free gems in rise of civilizations

Each of the resources in Rise of Kingdoms has a purpose.  Gems let you bypass wait times, purchase special items, and more.  You’ll be able to give your kingdm an edge over your opponents, making them an incredibly valuable part of the game.

Instantly build, train, or research

When you start building or upgrading a structure, researching a new technology, or train new troops, you’re actually given the option to complete the action instantly.  This lets you skip the wait time, letting you move on to the next upgrade.  The pricing varies based on the structure and level of what’s being built.  It may only cost one gem to build a farm, but you’ll have to shell out hundreds to instantly upgrade the town hall.

Purchase special items

There are certain in-game items that give you useful bonuses.  Building speed-ups, VIP experience points, or chest keys can push you ahead in the game.  You’ll need to exchange gems to get these premium items, and the better the item, the more gems you need.  If you’re looking to get some speed ups, unlock more commanders, or increase your VIP level, gems will make it happen.

The Easiest Ways to get Free Gems in Rise of Kingdoms

Players may be discouraged by the price wall for getting more gems.  Rise of Kingdoms offers a number of ways to get gems for free.  When you’re looking to instantly build your next upgrade or buy a chest key, try these steps to fill your coffers with free gems.

Complete Main Quests

get free gems in rise of civilizations

While the majority of main quests only give you items, basic resources, or gold, some offer gems.  Quests like “Upgrade Your Town Hall to Level 10” can give you hundreds of free gems.  Plus, completing the main quests gives you tons of other bonuses to up your game.

Upgrade Your City Hall

Every now and then, the actual city hall upgrade boosts your gem count.  Even if it’s not one of your main quests, you can get a few hundred gems for entering into a new era like the iron age.  Upgrading your town hall also comes with tons of other benefits, like higher level caps for your units and buildings.

Defeat Enemies

get free gems in rise of civilizations

It’s not the best way to get gems, but barbarians and other enemies will give you gem cards.  You’re probably already sending out your commanders to lay waste to barbarians, so keep an eye out for gem cards.

Finish all of your Daily Quests

get free gems in rise of civilizations

Your daily quests are in the same menu as your main quests.  These tasks refresh daily, and completing them unlocks you increasingly better chests.  By completing enough daily quests, you’ll unlock the last chest.  This almost always comes with gems, as well as tons of other bonuses like resources and speed-up cards.

Link Your Facebook or Google Account

get free gems in rise of civilizations

You wouldn’t actually know this unless you tried, but linking to your Facebook or Google account gets you 200 free gems.  You only get it for the first account you link, but it’s a great way to get even more gems early on.

Write a Review

get free gems in rise of civilizations

At some point, Rise of Kingdoms will prompt you to write a review. By doing this, they’ll throw a few gems your way.  You don’t actually have to write the review once you’ve been taken to the app store.  But it doesn’t hurt to voice your opinion.  Once you return to the game, you’ll be gifted the gems.

Collect Gems on the Map

Just like with stone, food, wood, and gold, you can actually find gem deposits on the map.  This doesn’t give you more than 10 or 20 at a time, but it’s better than nothing.  To be able to do this, you first have to upgrade your City Hall to level 16 before you can begin gather gems on the map. Once you reach that level, send out a commander with a high storage capacity to collect them and get a small boost.

Pay Attention to Special Events

get free gems in rise of civilizations

Rise of Kingdoms has lots of community engagement, including events.  Many of these events come with opportunities to unlock gems.  If you notice chests of gems as part of the rewards, make sure you participate.  Plus, it makes the game even more fun.

Continental Achievements

Every now and then, you’ll be rewarded gems for something you actually didn’t do on your own.  There are challenges for your entire continent, and when everyone collectively completes those tasks, you’ll get a nice reward.  It’s a great way for the game to build community, and it gives you a nice bonus.

Get Bonuses for Purchasing Gems

get free gems in rise of civilizations

This one only half counts, but you get double the gems for your first purchase.  It’s an easy way to get extra gems without paying more.  If you’re enjoying Rise of Kingdoms and are considering purchasing gems anyways, this is a great way to add to your store of gems.

How Much Do Gems Cost?

If you do decide to purchase gems rather than unlocking them for free, you’ll have a few pricing options.  The cheapest option for gems costs 99 cents and lands you 200 gems.  To get 25,000 gems, you’ll have to shell out $99.99.  As you add more gems, the cost of each gem gets cheaper, but you can still get tons of gems for free by just playing the game.

How Do I Use Gems in Rise of Kingdoms?

When you’ve recently completed a big quest or purchased gems, it’s up to you where you want them.  Will you store them for future use? Or will you quickly upgrade all of your buildings to get an edge over your enemies?

Using gems in game is easy.  If you want to instantly build, train, or research, there’s an option right there.  If you’re trying to speed up the building process but you’re out of speed-up cards, you can use gems in the speed up screen.  If you want to purchase unique items using gems, you can build a shop.  This structure has tons of unique items that you can gems for.

Making the Most out of Rise of Kingdoms

Gems are the game’s most powerful currency, so it’s nice that there are plenty of ways to earn them without paying real money.  For the most part, these free gems come naturally with playing the game.  You don’t have to go out of your way to find them or spend hours grinding just to get a few extra.  By keeping an eye out for which challenges and quests reward you with gems, you can get them for free while also enjoying the game to it’s fullest.

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