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How to Find the Secret Battle Star from Fortnite Week 6 Loading Screen

Get fortnite week 6 battlestar


How to Find the Secret Battle Star from Fortnite Week 6 Loading Screen

How to Find the Secret Battle Star from Fortnite Week 6 Loading Screen

Epic Games always has something up their sleeve to make Fortnite even more exciting and engaging for players. While season 8 had a bit of a slow start, the past couple of weeks have really picked up. We see some of the most interesting challenges this week, including one that sends players off on a big treasure hunt.

This battle pass challenge has players looking for a treasure where the knife is pointing on the loading screen. This clever challenge has a few stages and can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. So check out this complete guide that will help you complete this challenge very easily.

How to Find the Secret Battle Star in Fortnite Week 6

Fortnite has tons of goodies and unlockable features, and this challenge asks you to take full advantage. You have to unlock a special loading screen, see where the knife points, visit that location, and hope you can get the battle star before you get taken out. This roundabout challenge will earn you 5 battle stars, and is one of the most enjoyable ways to level up your battle pass.

How to unlock the map

The map is unlocked by leveling up your battle pass to level 10. Each tier requires 10 battle stars, so you have to get 100 battle stars from the start to get the level. That’s 10-20 challenges if you’re starting from the beginning.

Fortunately, it’s week 6, so the odds are that you’ve gotten well past level 10. The map is the same one used in a week 3 challenge, except that one had you looking where the magnifying glass pointed.

Once you unlock the map, you have to equip it. Under the “locker” tab, you’ll want to select the loading screen and set it to the treasure map. The next time you start up a game, you’ll see that loading screen.

Location where the knife is pointing

The knife doesn’t actually point to a really specific area. It’s broad, making it tough to pinpoint the exact location. That means you’ll have to search around a bit when you get to the general zone.

You’ll need to search between Lonely Lodge and the desert racetrack. It’s going to be in the grass biome, in a ridge near some trees. It’ll take a bit of searching, but you should be able to find the battle star eventually.

Getting the Battlestar

The battle star is located on the coast, and it’s going to attract a lot of competition. So you’ll need to take precautions to safely get the battle star. Make sure to play in Team Rumble, and be careful if the spot is in enemy territory.

Your best bet is trying to land directly on the spot, minimizing travel time. Because it’s right on the coast, it’s going to be one of the first places taken by the storm. If you land there and it’s in your territory, then this will be one of the easiest challenges this week.

Another Challenge Done

These weekly challenges are a great way to participate in the larger Fortnite fandom. They’re fun, having you do all sorts of interesting things to get those battle stars. They shake up your usual playing routine and reward you for doing it. This challenge is a real easter egg hunt but is totally worth it.

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