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How to Download macOS Sierra Image File

macos x sierra


How to Download macOS Sierra Image File

How to Download macOS Sierra Image File

Apple and Microsoft have had a rivalry for decades, with the Mac vs PC battle still raging today. Many high-productivity computer users choose Windows for it’s flexible interface and powerful capabilities. Others choose Mac for the smooth, elegant package and software.

But maybe you don’t want to choose between the two. With virtual machines, you can have both running on one machine. If your main device is a Windows PC, but you want to run a version of macOS X, you can use software like VMWare or VirtualBox. This guide will detail how to download a macOS X Sierra Image File, and make sure you can find it later for easy installation.

How to Download and Install macOS Sierra?

In order to use an image file, You have to already have a virtual machine platform installed. Some of the most popular ones for PC are VMWare and VirtualBox, so make sure that you’ve gotten that taken care of. You can easily download an image file in 3 easy steps, but make sure that you’re being safe

Step 1: Find a repository. Apple doesn’t make it easy for PC users to get ahold of their operating system. Fortunately, the Open Source community has made a number of safe locations to download copies of old operating systems. Make sure that the repository you’re using is reputable and safe, with the “HTTPS” at the beginning of the URL.

Step 2: Download the appropriate image file. Depending on where you’re getting the file from, you may see more than one file to download, like a 32 bit version and a 64 bit version. You’ll have to know what your machine can handle, but generally you want to download the 64 bit version if you are on a newer machine. Click on the blue hyperlink to start the download.

Step 3: Move the file to a dedicated directory. If you like to switch between different virtual machines, you’ve probably already made a folder just for the image files. If you haven’t done this, find a place in your computer that you’ll easily remember and create a new folder. Once you’ve done this, move your downloaded image file to the new folder. YOu’ll need to know where the file is to load it from your virtual machine software.

What is an Image File?

A .vmdk file, or a virtual machine image file, is a type of disk image file used by virtual machine players like VMWare. They’re like snapshots of an operating system, like Linux, Windows, or Mac, and let you load the operating system into your own device. They are the universal standard for using virtual machines, working with different programs.

Why Download Sierra?

If you’re new to virtual machines, you may wonder why you should even download macOS X Sierra. For some people, it’s the first Mac system they learned before switching to PC. Others may not like either Windows 10 or macOS Mojave, so they’d rather stick to the previous iteration of the Mac system.

It really comes down to preference. Sierra was released in 2016, and was quickly replaced by High Sierra. Unlike Windows, who sees a massive update every few years, Apple releases a new version every year or two. So if there’s a feature you liked, or your workplace uses a specific version of macOS, it won’t be long before it changes.

Using macOS Sierra on your Computer

Now that you’ve learned how to download a Mac OS X Sierra image file, you’re one step closer to using your virtual operating system. Technology empowers us to do so much, and with virtual machines, you can do more than ever before. Just make sure that any repository you’re using is safe and reputable, and remember where you save the file.

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