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Eliminate Opponents at Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights: Fortnite Season 8 Week 6


Eliminate Opponents at Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights: Fortnite Season 8 Week 6

Eliminate Opponents at Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights: Fortnite Season 8 Week 6

This week of Fortnite Season 8 is going strong, and brings us tons of fun, exciting challenges. From hidden battle stars to using brand new items, there’s plenty of things to do with the new weekly lineup. Of course, not all 7 challenges are going to be the best, with a few filler challenges to make sure that there actually are 7 challenges.

Every week we see a few stock tasks with errands like getting eliminations with certain weapons, or landing in certain locations. This week’s last free challenge tasks you with getting 3 eliminations at either Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights. So it’s not the most glamorous challenge, but it’s a solid way to get 10 battle stars, so check out our strategy for nabbing those eliminations.

Elimination Strategy

Of course, the goal of the game is to get eliminations. But if you’re not a pro, you won’t always be able to easily get those kills. So you’ll want to be smart about how you approach the situation. You’ll have the easiest time doing this challenge in Team Rumble, since you’ll respawn after you’ve been taking out, letting you get plenty of opportunities to take down opponents.

Of course, a huge amount of Fortnite depends on the loot. No matter how skilled you are, a Legendary shotgun will take you out in 1 hit no matter what. So if you luck out, you’ll find some premium gear to give you an edge in the fight.

You’ll also get the majority of your eliminations after the storm has closed in 2 or 3 times. Players will be funnelled together, resulting in a hectic, all-out firefight. So you may want to just wait for the storm to hone in on one of these two locations, rather than trying to find opponents there early in the game.

These eliminations don’t have to be in the same match, so you can take your time and spread it out over multiple games, if you need to. You’ll also want to know the layout of each location for maximum tactical advantage.

Lazy Lagoon

Lazy Lagoon is located at the center of the northern coastline. It has a big lake with a large pirate ship and a wooden town nearby. Before all of the structures are demolished by the battle, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for close range, close quarters combat.

Once things heat up, you’ll want to switch to medium distance combat. There are too many nearby trees to make sniping a good idea, so head in with plenty of shotguns, assault rifles, explosives, and submachine guns.

Frosty Flights

Frosty Flights is located in the southwest corner of the map, in the snow biome. It’s populated with big, industrial buildings, a few hills, and a large, open plane. You’ll see plenty of player-build structures near the end-game, but it’s the perfect place for sniping and mid-range combat.

The open field and the lack of cover make it tough to get in close. Unless someone builds an elaborate fort, you’ll find yourself fighting long and mid range, so grab sniper rifles, sub machine guns, and assault rifles.

Finishing the Challenge

This is one of the tougher free challenges, especially if you just stick to Fortnite’s battle royale. You’ll be finding yourself faced with tons of opponents who may have better loot than you, so it’s really luck of the draw. But if you pull through, you’ll be rewarded with 10 battle stars, so keep an eye out for opponents at these areas.

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