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6 Best WordPress Theme Detectors (With Bonus Methods)

best wordpress theme detectors


6 Best WordPress Theme Detectors (With Bonus Methods)

6 Best WordPress Theme Detectors (With Bonus Methods)

Ever come across a WordPress site with a theme you love so much that you want it for your own website? WordPress is dominating the CMS market now. It offers a large number of themes, making it extremely convenient to create a website. Luckily, if you want to know which theme a website is using, a WordPress theme detector can help you out!

These theme detectors are great if you’re a WordPress enthusiast and want to explore new things about the CMS. Or perhaps you want to prove yourself or someone else that you have guessed the WordPress theme right.

Whatever the reason is, you can now find out a website’s design via WordPress theme detectors. The best part is that it is free to use and doesn’t require any coding skills.

In this article, we’re going to show you six different tools that you can use to look behind any WordPress website and check the theme it uses. Most of these are online theme detecting tools are free to use right from your web browser.

The Best WordPress Theme Detectors

WordPress Theme Detector


This is easily one of the best theme detectors out there. Not only does it feature a user-friendly interface but also presents the detected design (the WordPress theme) in a unique way.

It’s an online tool, so all you really need to do is enter the URL of the website you’re interested in. While displaying the theme, WordPress Theme Detector gives you cool slide-out sections delivering important details about the detected theme’s author.

But what is it exactly delivering?

To name a few, there’s the description of the theme, license, tag, a box of statistics about the theme provider, a plugins’ list detected by the tool on the website, and some additional information regarding the website you searched for.

As an added bonus, the online tool can also detect child themes.



WPSniffer is an extension for Chrome that allows you to detect what theme a WordPress website is using.

Although it doesn’t provide you with details regarding the theme or its author, it links you to a Google results page where you’ll see all the pages leading to the theme.

The pages are generated by “x WordPress theme” format where “x” would be the name of the theme.

It’s also an easy-to-use tool. Click on the Install button, and it will display a gray icon in your browser’s top right corner. The icon will automatically turn orange once it detects a WordPress theme.

What WordPress Theme Is That


This is an amazing online WordPress theme detector tool. It detects what theme a certain WordPress site is using.

Head over to the tool’s page, then enter the URL of the website you’re trying to check in the search bar. It doesn’t only detect the main theme but can also figure out the parent theme.

What WordPress Theme Is That goes beyond themes and displays a list of plugins being used by your given WordPress site. Unlike WordPress Theme Search (which we’re going to talk about next), this tool is just for WordPress, meaning you can’t detect themes that are built for other platforms.

WordPress Theme Search


What Theme or WordPress Theme Search is also an online tool that detects WordPress websites’ themes. But the best part is that it can also display fine details about the theme like its main URL, version, license, author, description, etc.

Besides WordPress, you can also use this tool for Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Tumblr, Blogger, Ghost, Big Cartel, and Magento!

What’s fascinating about this particular tool is that it quickly recognizes a custom theme and delivers you the agency or author that built it.

Furthermore, you can use WordPress Theme Search to find out whether a website uses WordPress or not.

WordPress Theme Detector by Satori Studio


This one might be the most minimalist of all the tools mentioned in this article.

This online tool shows you the key results only: a theme’s name, description, version, author name, as well as the direct link to its official page.

It can also tell you whether a child theme is being used on the website. On top of that, it will return specific error messages if the scanned site uses a completely different/custom theme or does NOT use WordPress.

Additionally, WordPress Theme Detector by Satori works on sites using CSS minification plugins like BWP Minify that distort the stylesheets of the theme.



ScanWP is another great WordPress theme detector. It’s a web-based tool that detects themes and plugins being used on WordPress sites.

The tool doesn’t give you any additional information about the theme. But it does tell you the theme’s name, about its author, URL, and sometimes even the price.

Bonus Tool:

Although not a WordPress theme detector tool, there’s another handy Chrome extension called Wappalyzer you should consider checking out.

It can detect more than a hundred popular CMS and JavaScript libraries, including WordPress. This is helpful for users who seek that extra bit of techy information on a particular website they’re interested in.

Wappalyzer is a cross-platform tool that uncovers technologies used on various websites. It can detect e-commerce platforms, server software, web frameworks, analytics tools, and so on.

Other Methods of Detecting the WordPress Theme

1. The Developer Technique


We called this one “‘the developer technique” because this is how a developer investigates different websites.

For most developers, using this sort of a method is nothing more than just copy/pasting. But, don’t worry. It’s not that complicated. You can easily figure it out once we show you how, even if you have no coding knowledge.

This time, however, you don’t need any WordPress theme detector tools. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to a website
  • Right-click anywhere on the page
  • Select the “View Page Source” option (alternatively, you can press CTRL+U)

Do this, and the page’s code will show up in a new tab.

Now, all you have to do is look for “wp-content/themes.” You can do that by pressing CTRL+F on your keyboard.

This will bring you to the section where you’ll find the name of the theme written in all of the lines containing that exact phrase.

Theme name in the Footer

This is by far the easiest option available, but it does not quite work all the time.

You need to keep in mind that each site comes with footer credits (usually), mentioning the platform and the theme it uses.

So, before you go ahead and utilize the methods explained above, consider giving this one a shot. Take a look at the website’s footer as the answer you need might just be there.


Wrapping Up

Conclusively, you can use these WordPress theme detectors to figure out which themes the sites that lured you use. You just need to fill in the URL of the website, and you’ll get the details about that particular theme.

These tools help you to stay updated with new themes. You’ll come to know which themes attract the most traffic—this, in turn, will help you improve your site’s SEO.

But what you really need to understand is that some of these tools may not be able to display the information you’re looking for. That’s because the site may have hidden the details of the theme they’re using for security reasons or others.

Also, some websites could be using a customized theme anyway.

With all that said, we hope this post will help you build an awesome WordPress site with your favorite theme.

Did we miss out anything? We highly appreciate our audience’s suggestions. Also, let us know about your favorite WordPress theme detector tool in the comments below.

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