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Which is The Best Nation in Rise of Kingdoms? Find Out Here

Rise of Civilizations


Which is The Best Nation in Rise of Kingdoms? Find Out Here

Which is The Best Nation in Rise of Kingdoms? Find Out Here

Previous known as Rise of Civilizations, Rise of Kingdoms is a deep strategy game that gives players tons of options for running their kingdom.  When you start a new account, the first major tactical choice you make is which civilization you start with. As of 2019, there are 11 nations to choose from, which can be daunting for new players.  

If you’re reading this article, then you might be wondering which is the best nation in Rise of Kingdoms. Well, this is a hard question to answer as everyone has a different playing. However, each nation has different bonuses and unit types which can help you to choose the nation to begin with. If you’re having trouble with picking your starter kingdom, check out this guide to picking your ideal nation.

Why Does My Starting Civilization Matter?

Each kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms has unique traits that make each country fit for a different play style.  You can choose a nation that lets you maximize your preferred style of ruling, so don’t just pick a random one. Each civilization has starting bonuses, unique units, and a starting commander.  Understanding these bonuses will help you pick the best nation.

1. Starting Bonuses

Each of the 11 civilizations has its own starting bonus.  These are passive abilities, meaning that you don’t have to do anything to use them.  They just work. If you’re more of a military player, then you want a civilization that boosts your combat abilities.  If you want a rock-solid economy, go for a kingdom that boosts resource collection. Each kingdom has completely different bonuses, so take the time to pick the one that suits you best.

2. Unique Units

In addition to starting bonuses, each nation has a unique military unit.  Depending on what type of unit it is, your civilization’s unique unit will boost your archery, infantry, or cavalry abilities.  So when you’re picking your first kingdom, remember that your unique unit will impact your combat strategy going forward.

3. Your First Commander

Of course, you need to have a commander to lead your army.  Each of the 11 civilizations gets a unique starting commander to lead armies, defend the walls, and collect resources.  Commanders have their own in-depth skill trees complete with additional bonuses, boosts, and abilities that you level up over time.  While you’ll eventually add to your roster of commanders, your starting commander impacts how you play the game early on, so keep that in mind as you choose your kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms.

The Different Nations in Rise of Kingdoms

Each of these kingdoms has a set of bonuses, a unique unit, and a starting commander.  Let’s go over each nation’s attributes and discuss which one is right for you.

1. Rome

rome rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: Glory of the Empire

  • Infantry defense Increased 5%
  • Marching Speed Increased 5%
  • Food Gathering Increased 10%

Special Unit: Legionary

Unit Type: Infantry

Starting Commander: Scipio Africanus

Rome is a great all-around civilization.  You get boosts to defense, marching speed, and food gathering speed, making it a great choice for first-time players.  The unique unit is the Legionary, which is an infantry unit. Scipio Africanus is your starting commander, coming with buffs for combat.  With this kingdom, you get a combat emphasis, which can really help you fight of barbarians and invading players early in the game. Players looking to focus on combat would fit perfectly governing Rome.

2. Germany

germany rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: Eagle of Germany

  • Cavalry Attack Increased 5%
  • Training Speed Increased 5%
  • Action Points Recovery Increased 10%

Special Unit: Teutonic Knight

Unit Type: Cavalry

Starting Commander: Hermann

Germany is all about attacking your enemies, especially with cavalry.  Your boosts include increased cavalry attack, faster training, and faster Action Point recovery.  The Teutonic Knight is Germany’s unique cavalry unit. Your first commander is Hermann, who specializes in archery and defense.  With Germany you’ll be able to lay waste to your enemies while maintaining your own defenses. Aggressive players should look no further.

3. Britain

britain rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: The Sun Never Sets

  • Archer Attack Increased 5%
  • Wood Gathering Increased 10%
  • Ally Garrison Capacity Increased 20%

Special Unit: Longbowman

Unit Type: Archer

Starting Commander: Boudica

For players looking to have a more social experience in Rise of Kingdoms, Britain is a great choice.  You increase ally garrison capacity while also boosting your own wood gathering speed and archer attack. Players in your alliance will enjoy the benefits of the buff, while your own resources and archery skills help maintain your civilization’s economy.  Your unique unit is the Longbowman, and your starting commander is Boudica. Boudica is a combat-focused commander, making you a vital ally when sieging enemy players.

4. France

france rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: Chivalry

  • Troop Health Increased 2%
  • Stone Gathering Increased 10%
  • Hospital Healing Speed Increased 10%

Special Unit: Throwing Axemen

Unit Type: Infantry

Starting Commander: Joan of Arc

France is all about recovering your army.  Starting bonuses boost troop health, stone gathering speed, and healing speed.  The unique unit is the Throwing Axeman, an infantry unit. France’s starting commander is Joan of Arc, who focuses on military support and resource collection.  If you see yourself constantly joining your friends in invading enemy castles, start with this kingdom.

5. Spain

spain nation rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: The Matador

  • Cavalry Defense Increased 5%
  • Gold Gathering Speed Increased 10%
  • Troops Load Increased 10%

Special Unit: Conquistador

Unit Type: Cavalry

Starting Commander: Pelagius

For players looking to isolate themselves, Spain helps you defend your troops while filling your coffers with gold.  Cavalry has a defense boost, while gold gathering and troop load get an increase. The Conquistador is a cavalry unit that serves as Spain’s unique unit.  The starting commander, Pelagius, gives benefits to defending your walls. If you’re more interested in building your wealth, look no further than Spain.

6. China

china nation rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: Art of War

  • Troop Defense Increased 2%
  • Resource Production Increased 10%
  • Building Speed Increased 2%

Special Unit: Chu-Ko-Nu

Unit Type: Archer

Starting Commander: Sun Tzu

China is another well rounded kingdom.  You’ll get boosts to troop defense, resource production, and building speed.  The Chu-Ko-Nu is your unique archer unit, and your starting commander will be Sun Tzu.  This commander will boost defense and Infantry attack. If this is your first time playing Rise of Kingdoms, China is an excellent option.

7. Japan

japan nation rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: Bushido

  • Troops Attack Increased 2%
  • Scout March Speed Increased 30%
  • Troop training Capacity Increased 5%

Special Unit: Samurai

Unit Type: Infantry

Starting Commander: Kusunoki Masashige

For aggressive combat, start out as Japan.  All of your starting bonuses will help with fighting.  Troop attack and training goes up, and you’ll have a huge scout march speed increase.  Japan’s unique infantry unit is the Samurai, and you start out with Kusunoki Masashige.  He emphasizes defense and archery, making this kingdom perfect for all-out conquest.

8. Korea

korea nation rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: Balance of Yin and Yang

  • Archer Defense Increased 5%
  • Hospital Capacity Increased 10%
  • Research Speed Increased 2%

Special Unit: Hwarang

Unit Type: Infantry

Starting Commander: Eulji Mundeok

Korea is a great option for cautious players.  You get a bonus for Archer defense, hospital capacity, and research speed.  This gives you an edge for discovering new technologies without having to worry about being invaded as much.  The Hwarang is your unique infantry unit, and you start with Eulji Mundeok. He specializes in defense and infantry, making Korea a great defensive nation.

9. Arabia

arabia nation rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: Boundless Oasis

  • Cavalry Attack Increased 5%
  • Damage to Barbarians and Neutral Units Increased 10%
  • Damage to Rallied Armies Increased 5%

Special Unit: Mamluk

Unit Type: Cavalry

Starting Commander: Baibars

Starting in early 2019, 3 new nations were added to Rise of Kingdoms, including Arabia.  This kingdom is perfect for conquest. Cavalry attack gets a boost, and you have a significant increase in damage to barbarians and neutral units.  You also get a boost to rallied players, making Arabia perfect for hostile players looking to conquer. Your unique cavalry unit is the Mamluk, and your starting commander is Baibars.

10. Ottoman

ottoman nation rise of civilizations

Starting Bonus: Realm of the King

  • Archer Health Increased 5%
  • Troop March Speed Increased 5%
  • Active Skill Damage Increased 5%

Special Unit: Janissary

Unit Type: Archer

Starting Commander: Osman

The Ottomans are another new nation, and are also combat focused.  You get boosts for archer health, marching speed, and active skill damage.  While Arabia is focused on attacking specific types of enemies, the Ottomans are good for all-around combat.  The Janissary is your unique archer, and your starting commander is Osman. Players looking for combat should go with this kingdom.

11. Byzantium

byzantium nation rise of civlizations

Starting Bonus: Heavenly Light

  • Cavalry Health Increased by 5%
  • Stone Gathering Increased by 10%
  • Hospital Capacity Increased by 15%

Special Unit: Cataphract

Unit Type: Cavalry

Starting Commander: Belisarius

Byzantium is the last of the new nations to choose from in Rise of Kingdoms.  Unlike the other new kingdoms, Byzantium is focused on gathering and defense. Your starting bonuses include boosts to cavalry health, gathering speed, and hospital capacity. The Cataphract is a unique cavalry unit, and your first commander is Belisarius.  Players who want a strong economy and to be a good support player should start with Byzantium.

Which Civilization is Best for Me?

Picking your civilization is all about how you want to play the game.  Factor in your skill level, your play style, and your knowledge of the game.  Some of these bonuses may be great in the early game but don’t help much after a few dozen hours.  Maybe your starting commander is weak, but you quickly get a legendary leader. Or you’re brand new to the game, so you pick a nation like Rome or China.

Rise of Kingdoms gives players so many options and choices.  The nation you pick will determine how you build up and expand your empire.  However, it’s important to remember that the game is about having fun, so don’t worry too much about your first choice.  You’ll be able to adapt and build your kingdom no matter what challenges you face.

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