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5 Best Free Android App Makers


5 Best Free Android App Makers

5 Best Free Android App Makers

If you want to build Android apps, chances are that you need to know how to code, most specifically in Java language. However, if you have no knowledge of coding, then you don’t need to worry much because there are a lot of options out there that let you build apps easily without writing a single line of code.

So, you’re at the right place where you’ll be able to know about some of the best free Android app makers that will allow you to build a personal app or any app that you wish. When you’ll use one of these apps, you’ll get the confidence that can beat your fear of coding. Also, these app builders are widely based on drag-and-drop functionality for making your apps.

Here are some of the Android development platforms that will help you build apps without learning Java or any other coding language.

Top Free Android App Makers

1. AppYourself

Based on HTML-5, AppYourself is one of the top app makers for Android and iOS as well. Although there are many app makers on the list based on this platform, you’ll be able to use it to get more work done, for example, web pages with too many web views using these apps. As a result, this one will help you creating sidestep that’s essential for programming and it can go through the cross-platform as well. You’ll find the app maker many startups friendly that has evidently aimed at businesses. When it comes to the process of making apps, it keeps the thing in fun and in streamline. But, there are some neat features that will help with possible monetization, such as synchronization with Resimo and Open Table.

In addition to these, you’ll get another most compelling feature that will help you make the tool to keep your content synced with it. Besides, this app maker comes with relatively sensible pricing, which is just 24 euros (about 26 dollars) as the most basic membership. Moreover, you also can choose from business and entrepreneur membership respectively for 49 euros (US$55) and 89 euros (~US$100).

2. AppyPie

AppyPie is another free android app maker that has focused on simplicity and ease of use. Its homepage has the features of running kids through the fields that have a clue. This will make you able to get a somewhat less corporate solution and it can’t scream apps to you. But, this app maker has set it in some different ways, like you’ll get a number of templates plus features for excluding business and shopping apps. Besides, you’ll get there the option to make an app of your personal Fitness Tracker, or to make a ‘birthday app’ for your beloved person. This is somehow appeared to as a great kids app builder that’s designed to help your kids to make interested in app development. Also, there’s a pre-made template based game builder, but it goes for the searches of basic worlds that usually you get in this type of builder.

Furthermore, the pricing structure of this app has a unique aspect. While it’s coming with some useful options for a different fee per month, they offer the free option as well. When you go with the free option, you find their ads and get lost of editing ability after 48 hours. However, it’s a free and easy doing way if you want the contentment of getting an app in the store.

3. Shoutem

If you’re looking for the best free Android app maker with features of business-oriented then Shoutem is for you. Also, this app is polished and crispy along with some useful options like mobile advertising support and Shopify integration. That means while keeping your users glued to your screen to show the ads, you can sell your products. With a host of smart looking and handy templates, it’s simply a nice app making tool for you. So, you can make some smart looking apps as they have sleek templates. But, you’ll have to pay some more fees when you like to publish your app that starts at $49.

However, this would be a value worth paying though for your right businesses. So, if you want to make a great event app then you’ll find there some top and useful features. Besides, you’ll have to pick as a minimum their $79.00 Advanced plan in order to get published to Apple. Also, people can build more features and extensions for them as they’re opening the code to developers. This is because some of them get missed right this time.

4. Mobile Roadie

In the field of the best free Android app maker, Mobile Roadie is another superior name so far. The app has offered some of the impressive clients like TED and Disney. So, it’s precisely the app you’ll get with the bragging rights that you can hope a high-priced asking cost. Although its current pricing is not available on their site, in the past core membership began at $149/month. Also, for a mere with pro asking, it was $799/month at cost. Also, you’ll get a much professionally designed look and a large number of features as you can get for this price. But, you’ll get it tough to understand of just outsourcing development of a native app to this type of professional service for this fee. Also, it has focused on larger companies and given the price point ranges from CORE to a hefty PRO.

Besides, it comes with great templates that give you some options to tweak them and you’ll like it most. Among some other nice features, it has some of the great ones like fan wall and chats. And you’ll find it useful if you’re representing a brand or if you’re an artist. Apart from being it great for them, it also goes as smooth integration of the music player for musicians.

5. AppsGeyser

While allowing build apps for free, AppsGeyser is one of the great Android app makers. But, the catch is that whichever app you make, it’ll come with a banner space on the top for ads. Although this makes it a little different, you can share 50% revenue with it if it gets the minimum usage. If you want to start earning, you’ll have to register your account with an Ad Network. After that, you’ll get your personal banner as your personal brand. Definitely, as a “get rich quick” scheme, it doesn’t come up to this.

But, it’s one option if you’re in search of a cool way to find an effortless app in the store. Among the fun options, you’ll get whatever you like to make here though. These include a wide number of simple games like a word search or quiz as well as the “turn any site into an app” option. No matter it’s not for all and its UI isn’t polished as well, but you’ll find it different enough to check it out.

Wrapping Up

From the above discussion, you know it doesn’t need to learn coding or programming to make an app. But, when you want to do it effectively, you’ll have to get the best free Android app. Also, you’ll need to have a skill so that you can edit the basic images for high-quality visual output. Moreover, you should know about how to provide a valuable app that will be exactly what people like to enjoy.

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