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18 Best Google Chrome Extensions That Every User Must Try


18 Best Google Chrome Extensions That Every User Must Try

18 Best Google Chrome Extensions That Every User Must Try

Google’s Chrome Browser is the most used browser around, and like all things made by Google, it comes with free things – Extensions. The only thing is, there are bucketloads of them and you could have a hard time figuring out the one you want. So, here’s a list of the best Chrome extensions that should be on your list.

Do note that there are all sorts of people using browsers and what is highly important to one might be of no importance to the other. From that point of view, what follows is a list that will have something for most users and not everything for everyone. Also worth noting is that a lot of extensions can slow down your PC/laptop and some even pose a high risk to your online security. That said, we’ll be giving priority to Chrome extensions that will appeal to a wider audience and would be of general use to everyone.

18 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

1. HTTPS Everywhere

The Internet can be a lot of things to everyone. However, while wandering through this vast unending online landscape, you might fall prey to unsafe websites. That’s where HTTPS comes in. For those who are not familiar with it, HTTPS is a protocol that is used to send data between your browser and the websites you visit. Sites that begin with ‘https’ are more secure as all the communication between your browser and the website is encrypted and done securely.

HTTPS Everywhere is a Chrome extension that rewrites the URL of any website which you visit to HTTPS so you can be sure your browser produces the secure version of that site.

2. Data Saver

Who doesn’t want to save data? With Chrome’s data saver extension, users can now save data while browsing the web. The extension compresses information, hence allowing users to conserve MBs. This can be a really handy extension for countries where cellular data is expensive or coverage is shoddy.

3. Checker Plus for Gmail

If you’re using Chrome, there’s a good chance you’re also using Google’s Gmail. With Checker Plus for Gmail, users can keep emails within very easy reach. The extension allows users to glance at new messages from your Gmail account without having to open a whole new tab for it. There’s a similar extension for Google Drive as well.

4. 1Password

With so many websites around, I’m sure you have a dozen of usernames and passwords to remember. That’s not a very ideal situation as these credentials are usually forgotten if you don’t note them down somewhere. Moreover, it is risky to use the same password across several different websites. To solve this issue, there’s an extension called 1Password.

1Password functions as a password manager, email anonymizer and credit card masker all in one. It can generate a password for every new account that you are creating as well as store it so you can easily access and use them anytime you want. It can also sync across iOS and desktop for ease of use. LastPass and Blur are another similar popular offering.

Note that this extension requires you to install the desktop app as well.

5. Turn Off The Lights

With so many users on Chrome, I’m sure there must be a need for Dark Mode feature. Luckily, a Chrome extension does that and it’s called Turn Off The Lights. Besides toggling night mode, users can set custom colors suited to their way of usage.

6. Pocket

This extension allows Chrome users to save articles, Web pages, images and videos for viewing at a later time. It also syncs across mobiles and tablets.

7. Awesome Screenshot

I’m certain there are many instances where an immediate screenshot is needed during a browsing session for even regular surfers. Awesome Screenshot does this in a hassle free way. Just click the extension in your Chrome’s browser and it will immediately capture a screenshot of the entire webpage.

8. Loom

Loom is a screen recording software allowing you to record your Google Chrome window with just a single click. Once you press the stop button, you can also share it easily using the link generated by the extension.

9. OneTab

If you’re like me and have dozens of tabs open at a time, it’s going to be hard for you to find the tab which you want to switch to. For such a situation, there’s OneTab.  Luckily, OneTab lets you put multiple different URLs into a single tab for ease of use. Just click the OneTab icon and it will put all your open tabs into a single list so that you can easily find and open the tab which you’d like to switch to.

10. Giphy for Chrome

If you’re a regular user of social media websites and also happen to use GIFs a lot, then Giphy is the extension for you. With Giphy, a GIF is just a click away. It allows you to search for any GIF that you’re looking for and insert them anywhere. It currently supports the following sites: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Slack, and Hipchat.

11. AutoFill Forms

Not everyone likes to fill a lengthy online form and even less filling it twice. I’m sure you’ve been through this. Sometimes a filled form has to be retyped again due to various reasons. Autofill Forms makes sure you don’t grind your teeth in such a situation again. It can save your data prior to entering it on a form so re-entering it will just be a keypress away.

12. PushBullet

PushBullet is a life-saving service that shows your smartphone notifications on your PC. Thankfully, it has a Chrome extension as well. If you’re torn apart by your PC and smartphone, this is a very important extension you can’t miss. You’ll be notified of calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and even Facebook messages that you receive on your mobile phone.   

13. Google Dictionary

With Google Chrome, finding the meaning of a word is just a click away. Just download Google’s dictionary add-on and you’ll be a click away from finding the meaning of any word you want.

14. Magic Actions for YouTube

YouTube ranks amongst the top traffic attracting sources on the Internet right now. So, there’s a Chrome extension that will make your life easier if you’re a regular user of this website. Magic Actions adds new features to YouTube that enhances your watching experience. It provides options for cinema mode, dark mode, mouse gesture for increasing or reducing the volume, hiding comments, and much more.

15. Buffer

This is a neat and powerful Chrome add-on for those who want to manage their social media accounts from a single control panel. With Buffer, users can manage posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media websites with simple few clicks. You can schedule posts to be published at a later time, keep track of your posts engagement, and much more.

16. Chrome Remote Desktop

If you have used Teamviewer to control remote desktops and machines, then this Chrome extension is a simplified version of Teamviewer which allows you to view and control other desktop computers from your Chrome browser. This is a handy extension for users who own a Chromebook.

17. StayFocused

The Internet can be a great deceiver when it comes to people trying to concentrate on getting the job done. It can test the will of the most skilled of workers. StayFocused is a plugin that will come to your rescue when the piper has started playing his flute. It restricts the time spent on a website and blocks it for a day once it that time has been used up. Give it a try if you’ve taken the piper’s bait.

18. Grammarly

If you tend to write a lot, then Grammarly is a must-have extension. It automatically scans any content that you are writing and displays the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and any suggestions for writing your content in a better format. This is extremely useful for bloggers and social media managers.

These are some of the best extensions that users should consider installing on their Chrome browser. Which of these Chrome extensions do you find useful? If there are any other extensions which should be added to the list, then let us know in the comments below.

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