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5 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best cryptocurrency apps for iOS


5 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps for iPhone and iPad

5 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps for iPhone and iPad

In modern time, cryptocurrency has shown an extensive rise. Its immense jump in popularity has set the financial trading market on hype and became a global sensation. Cryptocurrency is exchanged with another one based on the specific rate set by the market force. Nowadays, a handful number of people have taken crypto trading to earn money in the short term by buying and selling cryptocurrencies. But unfortunately, most of the exchanges do not have any kind of trading apps of their own.

Though there are plenty of platforms for trading cryptocurrencies using websites and desktop applications, mobile apps are the most comfortable and convenient way of exchange. It gives traders the flexibility of trading from anywhere, even if you are traveling. You can also monitor and react to the market rates more promptly than any other platform.

In this article, we outline some of the popular and well-known crypto-trading apps for iOS which offer you an efficient service with connection to several exchanges.

Disclaimer: please do research and read the user’s review before installing and using any of these apps. DigiCosmo is not responsible for any consequences or loss incurred from using any of these apps.

The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Trading Apps for iOS

1. Binance

Binance has the world’s largest crypto exchange. In 2018, it was ranked second in the crypto trading market platform with a capitalization of $2.1 billion. Both the beginners and experienced traders use this app rapidly. It allows you to carry out a fast transaction and has the most user-friendly interface among other trading apps. The app allows buying and selling for both normal currencies as well as cryptocurrencies, however they are in separate tabs to avoid confusion.

Binance has a wide range of virtual currencies which gives you a variety of options to choose. Moreover, you can also have the local BNB token which you can save up to 50% on commissions. If you want an exchange for a large number of transactions every day, then Binance might be the app you’re looking for.

Special Features

  • Stable and user-friendly
  • Has both desktop and mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Handsome concession rate for the traders who trade every day.

2. Blockfolio

Blockfolio is the world’s most popular free Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio management app, which can provide support for 8,000+ cryptocurrencies worldwide. It allows a trader to track his price anywhere. It was initially developed as an accounting program, but now, Blockfolio allows users to track all the changes of digital assets and also provides trustworthy statistics about them.

Blockfolio is also the most efficient tool for price tracking. If you want to invest simultaneously on different coins, then Blockfolio is the most convenient one for you. You do not need to visit a large number of exchanges every day or do not need to track a large data set for dynamic price changes. It will send a push notification to your device as soon as the currency reaches a preset level.

Special Features

  • Easy tracking for your cryptocurrency
  • Instant exclusive updates from the app’s crypto team.
  • Up-to-date exchange prices and fruitful analysis.
  • Safe and secure.
  • 24 x 7 customer service to assist you any kind of issues

3. Coinbase

Coinbase is another well-known cryptocurrency trading app with a large user base of over 25 million users worldwide. This app has a built-in Bitcoin wallet which allows storing the earned bitcoin safely within the app so you can use the bitcoins when you are logged in from any device. You can also buy, store and accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash in here. It also allows traders to buy cryptocurrency through credit card and bank transfer. The mobile app for iOS is extremely easy and user-friendly. So if you are a beginner in cryptocurrency trading, this is the perfect app for you.

The crypto team of this app also provide you some colorful charts and graphs by which you can track the change in prices more conveniently and helps you take easy decisions. Not only will you have all of your account details here, but also you can see the history of your transactions. You can set alerts to be notified of the latest cryptocurrency news from all around the globe.

Special Features

  • Provides historical price data.
  • Great for the beginners.
  • Comes with colorful and understandable charts.

4.      Crypto Trader

The great thing about this app is that requires minimum space to install but comes with all the required essential features of any cryptocurrency app. You can set custom alerts and news to display based on your interest. They also provide charts and graphs along with the price tracker. It is indispensable for those who want to trade at short rates with different currency pairs.

Crypto Trader comes with a built-in directory which will help you find any bitcoin-friendly business in the USA and Canada. It also has two-factor authentication which will protect your wallet and the app creates automatic backups to ensure your data is intact.

Special Features

  • Provides historical price data.
  • Interactive charts.

5. Tab Trader

Tad Trader is specially designed to ensure the mobility of trading by any user using his/her smartphone. It delivers trading on exchanges by using API keys.

Tab Trader is currently a very popular application. Almost all operators can benefit because it supports most known cryptocurrency operations and, therefore, the cryptocurrency exchange pairs available in these operations. That is, if you have an account in one or more exchanges, you can exchange them simultaneously through this service. Therefore, Tab Trader eliminates the need to stay behind a computer screen (or behind multiple screens), switching from one to another. Now you can perform all business operations at any time and anywhere, thanks to this application.

With Tab Trader, you do not have to worry about the security of your personal information and crypto-currency assets, since the application only allows you to exchange, perform technical analysis and other graphs. Tab Trader is a type of commercial terminal for transactions in the cryptocurrency market. Also, because of its use, you have nothing to pay. All the features of the application are completely free.

Special Features

  • Highly secure
  • Original coin base app
  • Clean portfolio with export to CSV option.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of apps in the app store to assist you with your bitcoin trading. But not all the apps are safe and user-friendly. Always make sure you have downloaded the app from reliable sources. Only download the application which suits your necessity and based on the users’ review and ratings.

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